With an extensive range of canned vegetables and fruits as well as value-added products like fruit purees, sauces including Thai Style Chilli, Sweet Chilli, Worcestershire and Oyster, plus Jasmine and Basmati rice and a selection of condiments, Riviana stands for consistency and value for money.

We search the world to find the best ingredients in order to bring quality to Australia’s foodservice professionals at a competitive price.

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Ocean Supreme

Ocean Supreme brings you the best of the world’s seafood, processed and packaged for convenience, ease of storage and maximum shelf life, and delivered at a competitive price.

Our long-established relationships with international suppliers and seafood producers ensures we are able to source consistent quality seafood products such as salmon and tuna all year round.

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4 Seasons

4 Seasons stands for authentic Italian cuisine and offers quality Instant Lasagne Sheets requiring only minimal preparation – there’s no need to preboil them to soften prior to cooking.

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En Placé

A range of gourmet products (pestos, pastes, salsa), exclusively tailored for the professional kitchen

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Garden Supreme

In order to meet the evolving needs of today’s competitive foodservice marketplace, Garden Supreme focuses on innovation to ensure our products offer you maximum convenience. We achieve this through features such as IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) processing and resealable longlife packaging to make effective portion control easier. All products are pre-cut so they’re ready to use, minimising preparation time and labour costs.

Garden Supreme fruit and vegetable products are packed and processed as soon as possible after picking to lock in nutritional content while delivering fantastic flavour.

This approach ensures that Australia’s foodservice professionals can be assured of consistent quality seasonal produce all year round.

In addition to our extensive IQF range, Garden Supreme also offers coconut products, fruit in syrup and kitchen staple ingredients such as capers, peppercorns and stemmed maraschino cherries.

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Mahatma has long been regarded as the premium rice to accompany Asian cuisine. Its consistent quality, long grain rice, available in two pack sizes, is responsible for building the brand’s reputation for reliability among restaurateurs and foodservice professionals.

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Menu Master

The long-established Menu Master brand is well known for its Plum Puddings and Sliced Fruitcake – competitively-priced products which save you preparation and labour and offer consistency as well as convenience.

Menu Master cakes and desserts are portion controlled and come ready to use, so there’s no need to go to the trouble of preparing from scratch – just keep them on hand and you’ll always be able to offer cakes and desserts that your customers are sure to enjoy.

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A long-established and trusted brand, particularly in Queensland where it originated, Palms provides White and Brown Vinegars ideal for dressings and marinades and as a recipe ingredient.

Palms is also well known for its quality, chemical free cleaning vinegar which offers a natural and safe cleaning alternative.

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Tastic offers the foolproof foodservice solution of Parboiled Rice, ideal for late-night room service and in health/aged care facilities. It presents perfectly every time without the need to keep skilled staff on hand.

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