Can you send me technical specifications for a particular product?

Yes, we will happily forward this information to you upon request. Please submit an enquiry to us via our contacts page.

Can you add me to your mailing list for regular updates?

Yes, please subscribe above to receive our newsletter and regular updates.

Where can I buy Riviana Foodservice products in bulk?

Unfortunately, Riviana does not supply direct to the public, however please contact us and we will gladly provide you with information on local distributors who stock our products.

I am a business owner and wish to order products. Who do I contact?

Orders can be placed with our network of distributors. Please refer to the contacts page for state office phone numbers.

I have feedback I wish to share. Who do I contact?

Customer feedback is most welcomed and can be sent via our contacts page enquiry form.

I wish to query if a product contains allergens. Who do I contact?

Most product pages contain information about known allergens.  Alternatively, please send us your enquiry via our contacts page.

Can you provide me with MSDS or MSHS information?

Yes, please send us your request via our contacts page.

I wish to discuss a sponsorship opportunity. Who do I contact?

Please call us on 03 9212 6000 to discuss sponsorship opportunities.